4 tips for capturing better audio


So you have been put in charge of capturing content for the business and you're looking to grow your skill set. When it comes to video, audio is so important. So I have put together four simple tips for capturing better audio whether your filming on your phone or on a DSLR.

Get a proper Mic

This is quite self-explanatory really. If your shooting on a phone, look at something like the Rode Videomic Me-L or in an interview set up the Rode SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit. When it comes to interviews, having a mic as close as you can to the subject is important - that's why lapel mics are used so much for this style. Again, Rode is a great solution for DSLR’s with their new Wireless GO mic set.

Remember, the closer the mic is to the sound ( i.e someone's mouth) the better the overall quality.

Control the space

This is not always possible but where you can control external noise factors, this will help capture better audio. For instance, if you have air conditioning in one room, think about turning it off or moving rooms. Being aware of the surrounding sounds is important when choosing a location to film. Ultimately I have been on shoots where we have changed location because we couldn't control the sounds in the space.


Add depth in Post

This is for those who feel a bit more comfortable editing either on their phones or on a computer. Adding things like music and sound effects can really add a ton of production value in the end product. Watching films like Edgar Wrights ‘The World’s End’ and ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs the World’ will give you an appreciation for this art form.

Monitor your audio

Last but most important, try and listen when recording your audio. Some DSLR’s might not have a headphone jack but even record a snippet and make sure the audio is clean. You might be able to see the waveforms are okay on your phone or camera but it's not until you have headphones that you'll hear something like a lapel mic rubbing off clothes or a static sound coming from an input wire.


These are just a couple of tips on capturing better audio but if this is something you feel your business needs more of, definitely research more on audio as it's so important. Also, be aware that there is a lot of investment of both time and resources in producing content for your business in house, that's why it is advisable to reach out to local production companies who have the knowledge and gear to produce videos and other content for your business.

At Motive Peak, we offer free consultation services. With this, we analyse where video would work best for your business and how it could effectively get you more visibility of your service / generate more sales.