5 Youtube Channels to learn better filmmaking

As video marketing becomes bigger and bigger for businesses - it's important to keep up with the latest trends when it comes to video production.


Thankfully we have the great resource that is Youtube to help and here are five of the best youtube channels to help you ace your business films. Personally, growing up with resources like youtube and Vimeo is the catalyst that both taught me and inspired me into the world of filmmaking (which is probably similar for a lot of filmmakers today). Ultimately if you run a business and need video production you should reach out to someone trained to produce content for you, however, I also understand that at the start of a business sometimes you need to do some things yourself. This list should help you pick up some things to help level up your production when producing videos for your business.

DSLR Video Shooter

Who is it for: The tech geek / Gear review

Caleb Pike has been on Youtube for years now and is a great subscription if you want to learn more about camera gear and techniques. Recently he did a series on how to shoot B-Roll which is a three-part video series on how to set up, light and shoot product shots.

Armando Ferreira

Who is it for: How to use that new gear you bought

Armando Ferreira channel is similar to Pikes but focuses more on the tutorial side in his videos. This is great for getting more knowledge on making better videos as well as knowledgeable filmmakers picking up some tips and tricks.

Mt. Mograph

Who is it for: Those who want to do motion design/animation

I discovered Mt. Mograph a couple of years ago when wanting to learn some more motion graphics. From one video, I learnt a ton of basics that I could apply through other animations. A lot of the motion graphics I still do today, I first learnt here.

Philip Bloom

Who is it for: Professionals/ Photographers looking to get into film

Philip Bloom has become a household name when it comes to things like camera reviews but it's easy to forget that he is also a fantastic teacher. You can learn a ton from his YouTube and Vimeo but he also has a few (paid) courses on MZed which look great for those wanting to learn deeper.

Peter McKinnon

Who is it for: enthusiasts who want to learn more

You've probably heard of Peter McKinnon, he's gotten pretty big on YouTube in the last few years. He has some great videos on his channel that can definitely help you in your craft. What I love about his films though is that they keep your interest so much throughout which can be hard to do on youtube nowadays. He also just seems to ‘get it’, he knows what he needs to do to get people to watch his films - and isn't that all we really want? Someone to engage with our content?


I hope this short list has helped bulk out your youtube subscription but what I would say though is, failure is sometimes the best teacher. What do I mean? Sometimes it's better to just go out and start filming an idea. At the start before youtube, that's what I did. And if you listen closely to a lot of these artists, that's what they recommend too.

Thanks for reading!


Want me to discuss something else? Leave a comment below on what you would like to know when it comes to your business & filmmaking.