We believe great adverts start with great stories.


MotivePeak is a video & film production company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Starting in 2015, MotivePeak has created content for Sir James Galway, Lowden Guitars, Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission and The Ulster University to name a few. 

We are a very small team of dedicated creatives who love to tell handcrafted stories. Using the latest 6K equipment, hardware and software to deliver for Television, Web and Mobile. 

Our full-services we offer covers creative direction and strategy, live action filming, animation, motion design, visual effects and post-production.

Story telling is part of our DNA and its with this mix of heritage and passion for story that we write it into the fabric of every piece of work made.

Below is our current showreel. We’re super proud of who we got to work with and hope you enjoy!

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